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Vincent H. Resh & Ring T. Cardé, editors

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2009, 1,132 pages, 1,000 color photographs, figures and tables. This award-winning reference has been acclaimed as the most comprehensive work devoted to insects. It provides an outstanding, useful, and up-to-date resource for professionals and students, covering all aspects of insect anatomy, physiology, evolution, behavior, reproduction, ecology, and disease, as well as issues of exploitation, conservation and management.

The second edition contains 66% new and revised content. It features new chapters on Bedbugs, Ekbom Syndrome, Human History, Genomics, and Vinegaroons. Expanded sections include forensic entomology, biotechnology, Drosphila, insect-human interactions, and ecology, reflecting the full update of over 300 topics. Articles have been contributed by over 260 high profile and internationally recognized entomologists providing definitive facts regarding all insects from ants to zygentoma. The encyclopedia contains a full glossary, 1,700 cross-references, 3,000 bibliographic entries, and online access to save research time.

Hardcover; 9 x 11-1/4″; weight is 7.45 lbs.

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