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BioQuip’s Aquatic Light Trap was designed to improve collecting of mosquito larvae. It facilitates advance determinations of emergence time and species. It also attracts a variety of other organisms such as Dytiscidae water beetles, and is not limited to aquatic environments.

The trap is submerged on the bottom of a canal, pond, or flooded rice field. Using an AmeriGlo Lightstick (see #2822A – #2822E) hooked inside the trap, mosquito larvae are attracted to the light, entering through openings on four sides. Studies indicate an improved cost effective factor when compared to hand dipping for larvae, especially in vegetation choked waterways.

Because the trap approaches the specific gravity of fresh water, about 8 oz. of ballast (such as stones) is required to keep it resting securely on a canal or pond bottom. The trap also can be used in a floating position to attract surface dwelling aquatic insects and other organisms by reducing the ballast and forming an airlock under the lid.

Trap body is heavy duty, molded ABS plastic, 8-1/4″ (21 cm) high and 10-1/4″ (26 cm) across, with interior painted white to increase attracting capability. Removable, clear plastic funnels are attached to the four 4″ (10cm) side ports with polyethylene rings. Trap lid is secured with a crossover bungee cord. Weight is 2 lbs., 6 oz.

A set of four replacement funnels and caps is available.


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