Collapsible Berlese Funnel Trap



Unique, collapsible Berlese funnel was developed from a design by entomologist LaDonna Ivie. When extended for use, the funnel is 36″ high (91 cm), but when collapsed it is only 4.5″ high x 12.25″ in diameter (11.4 x 31 cm).

Upper portion of the funnel section is unbleached muslin to allow evaporation of moisture. The funnel is smooth, white nylon ripstop, with two 12″ steel rings sewn in place and a plastic funnel at the bottom. A .25″ mesh galvanized metal screen is secured to the lower ring. The user can place a smaller mesh screen on top of this screen if desired. Ground litter from which insects are to be collected is placed on the screen.

A lamp base with socket, on/off knob, hanger loop, and 6-foot cord are secured by a drawstring at the top of the funnel section. The unit operates on 120V AC electrical current, and a low-wattage light bulb (not included) is used to heat and dry out the material placed on the screen.

The collector is a Whirl-Pak bag (4 oz, 200 ml capacity) attached to the plastic funnel. This leakproof bag can be filled with alcohol or other specimen collecting fluid, and is easily removed and sealed after specimens have been collected. See #1114B for additional Whirl-Pak bags.

BioQuip suggests using #2830 heat packs for collecting in areas where electricity is inconvenient or not avvailable.

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