Pitfall Trap


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This economical trap provides a simple method for passive trapping of ground insects and other arthropods. When used with ethylene glycol (radiator antifreeze), it keeps specimens in good condition for extended periods between trap servicing.

The trap includes two clear plastic pint containers, 4-1/2 x 3″ (114 x 76mm), placed in the ground so that the rim is flush with the soil surface. The upper container is lifted out to remove specimens, and the bottom container stays in the ground. A white plastic top, 10-1/4″ (260mm) diameter, deflects rainfall and provides shade.

The trap top is secured with three 16-penny construction nails pushed through pre-punched holes in the top and into the ground. Clearance of about 1/2″ (13mm) above the containers is provided by three aluminum spacers and washers placed on nails under the top.

Sold in sets of three traps. (Ethylene glycol #1186A not included.)

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