Astonishing Army Ants: The Most Important Predators in Neotropical Forests DVD



Army ants are the most spectacular ants in the Western Hemisphere. This video record guides the viewer expertly into this savage and alien world. It is an outstanding presentation covering their life cycle, and provides a complete picture of the behavior of the Large Swarm Raiding Army Ant, Eciton burchellii

The DVD is filled with facts explaining why these ants are so astonishing. Their queen lays 100,000 eggs every 35 days for her entire life of five years. They eat so much, a colony must move move often to raid for food. Emigrations are amazing with almost every ant carrying a larva. Colonies are immortal as every colony comes from a previous colony.

This truly astonishing DVD was produced by Carl W. Rettenmeyer, the world authority on army ants, who has virutally lived with these amazing insects during 35 years of research in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. Ages eight to adult; NTSC version; running time: 55 minutes.

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