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Collapsible Rearing and Observation Cage

This 12-inch cage is ideal for breeding, rearing, and observing butterflies and many other kinds
of insects. The cube-shaped cage is fully collapsible, lightweight, durable, and folds flat. Easy
to store or travel, it is an excellent choice for both institutional and personal use.

The netting wicks away moisture quickly to keep contents dry. The fine mesh prevents most
small insects, including mosquitoes, from entering or leaving the cage. Five mesh sides
promote healthy air flow. One side has a vinyl window that allows clear viewing into the cage.
A side zippered opening is provided for easy access…. Read More

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Book Special

Family-Friendly Activities for Exploring the Amazing World of Beetles, Butterflies, Spiders, and Other Arthropods
by John W. Guyton

2018, 144 pages, 75 color photographs and 125 color illustrations.

Your bug adventure starts here! Bug Lab for Kids is a collection of more than 40 enjoyable activities for exploring the exciting world of arthropods, which makes up more than 90 percent of all animals on earth, including insects, spiders, centipedes, butterflies, bees, ants, and many others!

Written by entomologist and educator Dr. John Guyton, this informative book teaches young bug enthusiasts how to find, interact with, and collect arthropods safely…. View Product

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Collecting Equipment & Supplies

InsectaVac Aspirator


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

1135A Aspirator


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

Rose Entomology* Pinned Specimen Manipulator


Mosquito/Vector Equipment

Catch Basin Larval Dip Net


Mosquito/Vector Equipment

Heavy Duty EVS CO² Mosquito Trap


Lab Equipment & Supplies

Lignin Pink Stain


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

Black Light Carrying Case


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

Propylene Glycol


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

Collapsible Insect Nets


General Entomology