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Insect Mounting Kit

In the northern hemisphere, Fall has arrived! November is the perfect month for mounting those specimens you have accumulated during collecting season, but are languishing in envelopes or papers or your freezer waiting to be curated.

BioQuip’s Insect Mounting Kit contains all of the products needed to properly mount and label most insects. The booklet How to Make an Insect Collection, produced by BioQuip, is also included.

The Mounting Kit allows both the novice and the professional entomologist to purchase a comprehensive package at a substantial savings from the regular prices of items if purchased separately… View Product

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Book Special

Natural History Collector:
Hunt, Discover, Learn!
by Michael Sanchez

Loaded with hands-on, kid-friendly projects, Natural History Collector: Hunt, Discover, Learn! will teach young nature collectors techniques for cleaning, caring for, and displaying their discoveries.

Coming home from the beach or a walk in the woods with an interesting collection of insects, rocks, shells, pine cones, and seed pods is easy. The trick is knowing what to do with them after you get them home. Half the fun comes from identifying, preserving, and displaying your collection!

The book is full of projects for the budding naturalist. The opening chapter introduces kids to different ways of creating their personal field guides for keeping track of what they see, when and where they see it, and what makes it interesting. They’ll move on to techniques for cleaning and caring for what they’ve collected… View Product

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Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

Rose Entomology* Pinned Specimen Manipulator


Magnifiers & Optics

LED Magnifier on Stand


Aspirators & Vacs

1135A Aspirator


Aspirators & Vacs

InsectaVac Aspirator


Mosquito/Vector Equipment

Mosquito Resting Trap


Outdoor Gear & Clothing

Field Vest


Outdoor Gear & Clothing

Water Filter


Mosquito/Vector Equipment

CO² Gas Regulator Kit


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

1023 Series Adjustable Spreading Boards


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

Pocket Collecting Jar


Animal Traps

Sherman Traps


Lab Equipment & Supplies

Economy Slide Box for 25 Slides


Boxes & Display Cases

1004 Schmitt Box


Boxes & Display Cases

1006 Schmitt Box


Boxes & Display Cases

1009 Insect Box


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

1022 Series 18″ Spreading Boards


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

1023 Series Adjustable Spreading Boards


Boxes & Display Cases

1041 Series Display Cases