Exquisite Creatures – 20 Boxed Notecards


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Christopher Marley’s graceful arrangements of jewel-like arthropods and delicate butterflies are stunning works of art; the iridescent colors of beetle shells and delicate hues of walking leaf wings are his pigments in a seemingly endless palette. The photographs of these arrangements present the bugs in their natural state: none of the images is digitally enhanced.

The decorative box contains five each of the following notecards –

  • Prism #3: jewel beetle (Cyphogastra javanica), Indonesia; jewel beetle (Chrysochroa purpureiventris), Thailand; flower beetle (Ischiopsopha jamsei coerulea), Papua New Guinea; shining leaf beetles (Rutelidae spp.), Borneo; shield bugs (Hemiptera spp.), Indonesia; jewel beetles (Philocteanus moricii), Thailand; jewel beetles (Sternocera aequisignata), Thailand; ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae spp.), Indonesia
  • Coleoptera Mosaic: Insects collected worldwide
  • Walking Leaves: Phyllium pulchrifolium, Indonesia; P. celebecium, Thailand; P. giganteum, Malaysia; P. bioculatum, Indonesia
  • Walking Weevils: Pachyrrhynchus spp., Philippines, Taiwan
  • Envelopes are supplied for the 20 assorted 5 x 7″ blank notecards.

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