Amany Emam, winner ESA SysEB

Richard Fall Memorial Internship

BioQuip is pleased to announce that Amany Emam has received the first award for the Richard Fall Memorial Internship. The award of $2,000 will be given annually to an undergraduate studying in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

Amany Eman’s project at Rutgers University is titled: Examining & determining the function of a new morphological structure of Amitermes termites in Guyana. From her proposal application:

“Termites are eusocial members of Dictyoptera (Blattodea and Mantodea). Amitermes includes one-hundred described species and is the second most speciose genus within Termitinae. In Guyana, there is only one described species of Amitermes, A. excellens, first described in the early 1900s (Silvestri, 1923). Past Ware lab expeditions to Guyana collected termite colonies across a large geographic range. Of our 62 collections from the Karanambu district, six colonies were Amitermes sp. Of these Amitermes, we found workers that exhibit unique morphological characteristics: six ventral external pads on the abdomen. These pads are likely glandular and have never been recorded before in social insects. I am studying the structure of these pads with other members of the Ware lab; we would like to do behavioral analyses to determine the function of these unique structures. We need to travel to Guyana to undertake behavioral assays of live specimens, collect additional specimens, and to record their behavior.”