Insect Nets

Pro Nets by Rose Entomology

The Rose Pro Nets are made from lightweight, high-strength, aircraft alloy aluminum. The hoops are formed from one continuous aluminum tube to be rigid yet lightweight. Standard hoop sizes are 12″, 15″ and 18″ diameter as well as 15″ and 18″ triangular. All hoops and handles are interchangeable. The connector head, which joins the hoop to the handle, is machined from a solid bar of heat treated aluminum alloy. This unique head design allows for easy removal of the hoop for transport or bag replacement however, the hoop cannot come loose during field use.

The handles are made from seamless tubes of aluminum alloy and are extremely lightweight and strong. They are available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths. The exposed surfaces are color-anodized for an attractive and durable finish. All fasteners are made from stainless steel to eliminate rust and minimize corrosion. They have a comfortable rubberized grip to aid in control and combat slippage in wet conditions.

Collapsible Tropics Net by Rose Entomology

The Rose Collapsible Tropics Net features a heavy duty fast actuating collapsible net handle. This three section telescoping handle is made from black anodized, thick walled, aluminum tubing and extends to 54 inches for maximum reach and collapses down to a convenient 23 inches for travel. In the collapsed position with the hoop removed, the unit will fit into most standard luggage.

Often used with an 18″ hoop and bag for good balance and yield, this handle incorporates the same head design as the ProNet series and can be easily used with any hoop size. The head design prevents the hoop from unscrewing from the handle if bumped against objects and the exclusive quick release design with positive locking action eliminates accidental collapse of the telescoping sections of the handle.

Pinning Supplies

Professional Pinning Block by Rose Entomology

The Rose pinning block manufactured since 2007, is used to establish the proper height of insect specimens and labels on pins. The 12, 16 and 20 mm dimension holes are used to determine label heights, and the 26 mm hole for specimens on points. The pinning block has a larger diameter hole which accepts a pin head that is used to establish the proper 10mm distance from the specimen to the head of the pin.

This precision pinning block establishes label distances on the pin to within less than the thickness of a piece of paper. The super-hard coating (second only to diamond in hardness) stands up to long term continuous use without any change in label spacing.

Pinned Specimen Manipulator by Rose Entomology

The Rose Pinned Specimen Manipulator is for the viewing of mounted insect specimens under a dissecting microscope. It allows the specimen to be viewed from multiple angles while remaining in a central viewing area.  It enables the viewer to maintain relative focus while twisting and turning the specimen to expose all sides.

Precision machined from solid brass bar stock, then nickel plated for durability. All hardware and knobs are made from solid stainless steel bar stock to resist corrosion and the bearings are hand lapped for smooth, easy rotation. This combination of materials, design, and craftsmanship allows for the use of high magnification with little or no vibration of the specimen.

Specimen Sorting Tray by Rose Entomology

The Rose Specimen Sorting Trays are used for sorting insect specimens in alcohol under the microscope. Injection molded from bright white ABS plastic for good contrasting background.  These trays are sturdy and easy to clean. Sold in packs of 2 or 10.

11RST1 Dimensions: Approximately L=112mm, W=112mm, H=16mm, with 7 raised partitions creating 8 sorting lanes.

11RST2 Dimensions: Approximately L=113mm, W=86mm, H=8 mm, with 5 raised partitions creating 6 sorting lanes. Shorter width allows full view of tray without rotating to clear column on most microscopes.

Collecting Equipment

Bug-Vac Insect Aspirator by Rose Entomology

The Rose Bug-Vac aspirators use a revolutionary design that incorporates a machined Delrin® lid with a rubber O-ring seal. This configuration prevents even extremely small insects from crawling between the stopper and the sides of the vial thus eliminating the accidental crushing of specimens. Insects are always at least 12 mm from the open end of the vial allowing enough time to remove the lid and replace it with a cap before specimens have a chance to escape. Additionally, these aspirators allow for the use of standard size plastic or glass vials that are readily available from several suppliers.

Other features of the Bug-Vac aspirators include thin-walled brass tubing and a large internal filter using 120 mesh stainless steel screen (finer mesh available by custom order). The large diameter of the filter screen allows for excellent air flow and eliminates screen plugging.